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We believe consumers are the key to a greater understanding of the client brands and positioning. We aim to discover how to boost sales and offer a solid return on investment through premiums, either bespoke or through the development of catalogs that ensure brand consistency

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We are major players in global promotional projects. We give leading brands the solutions, the products, and the on time – on budget answers they need with no worry and no doubt. We share scope, language and work ethics.

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The client is the key at Moutop. Our objectives are defined by the consumer insight, creativity and commitment to client’s objectives. We Love Our Works.

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Moutop Is a growing company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of premiums and promotional gifts as well as of outdoor goods for some of the best-known worldwide brands and trademarks, creating unique and innovative brand experiences as well as offering it solutions. Moutop’s top priorities are first class quality control, social responsibility and environmental policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To guarantee compliance with the code of conduct, Moutop  follows list of recommendations from FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION of things you can do to develop a solid supply chain monitoring system and set goals for preventing and addressing labour rights violations

  • Develop an internal code of conduct and CSR plan.
  • Discuss the code of conduct with our factory or any factory we plan to source from.
  • Check past audits and ask to see the audit reports.
  • Work with a limited number of factories and try to develop strong long term working relationships.
  • Visit the factories and conduct inspections with a health and safety checklist.
  • Discuss with the factory management on what is a reasonable lead time. Making sure we are giving them enough time. Avoiding last minute changes.
  • If issues are found in a factory we source from, we work with the factory to remediate and make improvements rather than ceasing production.

We will not use, nor will we support the use of labour of  people under 16 years of age. We will not expose children or workers under the age of 18 to situations, inside or outside the workplace, which may be dangerous, unsafe or unhealthy.

We will not use, nor will we promote the use of forced labour, nor will we ask our staff to leave in our custody any “deposits”, or identity documents, when entering into a working relationship with our company

Bearing in mind the risks specific to our activity and installations, we will establish a safe and healthy working environment, and will take appropriate measures to prevent accidents and injuries caused during working activity or associated to the same, through the limitation, as far as is reasonably practical, of the causes of risks inherent to our working environment.

We will not carry out, nor will we promote, any form of discrimination based on reasons of race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, trade union participation, political affiliation or age when hiring, paying, training, promoting, dismissing or giving retirement to our staff.

We will strive to comply with all applicable environmental requirements of a legal nature. We will reduce the quantity and weight of packaging and containers, guaranteeing the protection of the product. We will minimize the use of heavy metals and other materials which may have negative impacts on the environment. On our packaging and containers we will include the corresponding labels as stipulated in the place of destination of the product, which guarantee the correct waste management for the containers.

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